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2010-11-07 Alexander BartonUpdated doc/Platforms.txt for upcoming release 17
2010-10-19 Alexander BartonAdded m68k/apple/aux3.0.1 (gcc 2.7.2) to doc/Platforms.txt
2010-10-07 Alexander Bartondoc/Platforms.txt: added NetBSD 5.0.2
2010-10-05 Alexander BartonUpdated doc/Platforms.txt
2010-04-23 Alexander BartonUpdated doc/Platforms.txt
2010-04-02 Alexander BartonUpdated some more copyright notices, it's 2010 already :-)
2010-01-22 Alexander BartonAdded "i586/pc/interix3.5" (MS Services for UNIX) to...
2009-12-02 Alexander BartonAdded i686/unknown/kfreebsd7.2-gnu
2009-08-04 Alexander BartonUpdated doc/Platforms.txt
2009-07-22 Florian Westphaldoc/Platforms.txt: ngircd builds on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11...
2008-12-05 Alexander Bartondoc/Platforms.txt: added x86_64/unknown/linux-gnu
2008-12-05 Alexander Bartondoc/Platforms.txt: update list of tested platforms.
2008-08-10 Alexander Bartondoc/Platforms.txt: added Debian GNU/Hurd, "i686/unknown...
2008-07-21 Alexander BartonAdded more supported and tested platforms to doc/Platfo...
2006-10-08 Alexander BartonAdded OpenBSD/ppc to list of tested platforms.
2006-08-29 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation.
2006-08-07 Alexander BartonUpdated platform list once more ...
2006-08-07 Alexander BartonUpdated platform list.
2006-05-07 Florian Westphalkqueue now tested on NetBSD3.0, FreeBSD6 and Darwin7.9.0
2004-11-09 Alexander BartonUpdated list of supported/tested platforms.
2004-05-25 Alexander BartonAdded "hppa/unknown/openbsd3.5".
2004-04-05 Alexander BartonAdded DG/UX (m88k/dg/dgux5.4R3.10) to the list.
2004-02-24 Alexander BartonUpdated list of supported operating systems.
2004-02-23 Alexander BartonUpdated statistics :-)
2003-07-06 Alexander BartonAdded SunOS 5.7 (Solaris 7).
2003-05-15 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation.
2003-05-05 Alexander BartonAdded support for GNU/Hurd.
2003-04-30 Goetz HoffartAdded HP-UX 9.10/m68k.
2003-04-28 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation.
2003-04-23 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation: added i686/pc/cygwin platform.
2003-04-23 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation.
2003-04-22 Alexander BartonNew documentation file doc/Platforms.txt included.