Update NEWS and ChangeLog files
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2011-12-29 Alexander Bartoncontrib/Debian/control: Update and complete "Build...
2011-12-29 Alexander BartonUpdate our Debian package descriptions with "official...
2011-12-24 Alexander BartonAdd new class.{c|h} module to Xcode project
2011-12-24 Alexander BartonXcode: update project file for Xcode 4.2
2011-12-24 Alexander Bartondefine HAVE_GAI_STRERROR for Mac OS X Xcode builds
2011-08-13 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'ServerMode'
2011-08-09 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug113-SrvPrefix'
2011-08-07 Alexander BartonXcode: update project file to Xcode 3.2 or newer
2011-08-07 Alexander BartonXcode: Mac OS X config.h: support 10.5 as well as 10...
2011-08-02 Alexander BartonXcode: exclude more Xcode 4 specific directories in...
2011-08-02 Alexander BartonXcode: update and add missing files to project
2011-08-01 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ngindent: detect "gindent" as GNU indent
2011-07-10 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 18 rel-18
2011-07-10 Alexander BartonAdd preliminary ngIRCd protocol module for Anope 1.9
2011-06-29 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 18~rc2 rel-18-rc2
2011-06-27 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 18~rc1 rel-18-rc1
2011-04-29 Alexander Bartoncontrib/platformtest.sh: fix gcc version detection
2011-04-26 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'master' of git://arthur.barton.de/ngircd...
2011-04-16 Alexander BartonMac OS X: install on root volume only, and set correct...
2011-04-14 Alexander BartonMac OS X: update installer texts and add logo.
2011-03-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'AuthPing'
2011-03-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'NoticeAuth'
2011-03-27 Alexander BartonXcode: don't list sample-ngircd.conf, use sample-ngircd...
2011-01-09 Alexander BartonRemove support for ZeroConf/Bonjour/Rendezvous service...
2010-12-29 Alexander BartonXcode: correctly sort files
2010-12-19 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 17.1 rel-17.1
2010-11-07 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 17 rel-17
2010-11-07 Alexander Bartoncontrib/platformtest.sh: make command name quoting...
2010-11-07 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ngircd-redhat.init: updated email address of...
2010-10-27 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 17~rc3 rel-17-rc3
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonDebian: Install default /etc/pam.d/ngircd allowing...
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonDebian: update standards to 3.9.1; add libpam0g-dev...
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonMake contrib/platformtest.sh more portable
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonMac OS X package ("make osxpkg"): generate PAM configur...
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonXcode builds ("make xcode"): disable pam_fail_delay()
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonXcode: update project file, use 10.5.x SDK
2010-10-25 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 17~rc2 rel-17-rc2
2010-10-25 Alexander BartonUpdated contrib/platformtest.sh (new version scheme)
2010-10-11 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 17~rc1 rel-17-rc1
2010-10-09 Alexander BartonXcode: only build current architecture in "Debug" target
2010-10-03 Alexander BartonDebian packages: build "-full" and "-full-dbg" with...
2010-09-22 Alexander BartonAdd sighandlers.{c|h} to Xcode project
2010-07-12 Alexander BartonAdd new pam.{c|h} module to Xcode project
2010-06-29 Alexander BartonNew "module" proc.c/proc.h for generic process handling
2010-06-24 Alexander Bartonngircd.init: require $network $remote_fs when stopping...
2010-05-02 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 16 rel-16
2010-04-25 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 16~rc2 rel-16-rc2
2010-04-02 Alexander BartonUpdated some more copyright notices, it's 2010 already :-)
2010-03-25 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 16~rc1 rel-16-rc1
2009-12-30 Alexander BartonReally test for netinet/ip.h and set HAVE_NETINET_IP_H
2009-12-27 Alexander BartonXcode: fix "-Wuninitialized is not supported without -O"
2009-11-15 Alexander Bartonplatformtest.sh: Only show latest commit
2009-11-07 Alexander BartonMerge commit 'cade80dcf516f40e7d53124bc98526e6e5b3fb66'
2009-11-07 Alexander BartonAdded missing contrib/platformtest.sh to distribution rel-15
2009-11-07 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 15
2009-10-15 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 15~rc1 rel-15-rc1
2009-09-30 Alexander BartonXcode: added new op.{c|h} to project file
2009-09-13 Alexander BartonXcode: add "debug" configuration to project
2009-09-11 Alexander BartonXcode: use gcc 4.0 for Mac OS X 10.4 compatibility
2009-08-29 Alexander BartonFix LSB header of Debian init script
2009-08-04 Alexander BartonNew script contrib/platformtest.sh
2009-05-05 Alexander BartonUpdated Debian "changelog" file for ngIRCd 14.1 rel-14-1
2009-05-05 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 14.1
2009-05-05 Alexander BartonAdded start/stop script for Red Hat based distributions
2009-05-05 Alexander BartonRenamed contrib/ngircd.sh to contrib/ngircd-bsd.sh
2009-05-04 Alexander BartonFixed "Conflicts:" line in debian/control: missing...
2009-04-29 Alexander BartonDebian: build ngircd-full-dbg package
2009-04-29 Alexander Bartondebian/rules: whitespace fixes
2009-04-20 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 14 rel-14
2009-04-10 Alexander BartonXcode: #define include __DATE__ in VERSION
2009-03-30 Alexander BartonFix up last Debian changelog entry
2009-03-29 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 14~rc1 rel-14-rc1
2009-03-29 Alexander BartonUpdated Debian/Linux init script
2009-01-13 Ask Bjørn HansenUpdate ngircd.spec file
2009-01-06 Alexander BartonMac OS X: update texts for Mac OS X Installer.app
2009-01-06 Alexander BartonXcode: build ngIRCd with IPv6 support on Mac OS X
2009-01-06 Alexander BartonXcode: get release number dynamically; new make target...
2009-01-06 Alexander BartonXcode: define TARGET_VENDOR and TARGET_OS
2009-01-06 Alexander BartonAdd new and missing files to Mac OS X Xcode project
2008-12-25 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 13 rel-13
2008-11-21 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 13~rc1 rel-13-rc1
2008-11-21 Alexander BartonDebian package ("make deb"): fix some lintian(1) warnings
2008-11-13 Alexander BartonAdded some missing files of GIT tree to distribution...
2008-10-03 Alexander BartonDebian: build ngircd-full with support for GNU TLS...
2008-10-03 Alexander BartonDebian: make sure that /var/run/ircd is owned by user...
2008-10-03 Alexander BartonGIT: Ignore Debian-related generated files.
2008-08-12 Alexander BartonNew make target: "osxpkg" to create an Mac OS X install...
2008-08-11 Alexander BartonClean up Mac OS X Xcode environment.
2008-08-06 Alexander BartonRemove de.barton.ngircd.plist on "make clean", its...
2008-07-31 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'master' of git://ngircd.barton.de/ngircd
2008-07-31 Alexander BartonInstall /Library/LaunchDaemons/de.barton.ngircd.plist...
2008-05-28 Alexander BartonGIT: ignore de.barton.ngircd.plist, it is a generated...
2008-05-27 Alexander Bartonngircd.init: use LSB logging functions, if available.
2008-05-26 Alexander BartonMac OS X LaunchDaemon script: log messages to /Library...
2008-05-13 Alexander BartonUpdate master development branch
2008-04-20 Alexander BartonSynchronized branch-0-12-x (ngIRCd 0.12.0-pre1) with
2008-04-13 Alexander BartonEnable more compiler warnings when using Xcode.
2008-04-12 Alexander BartonGIT should ignore user preferences files inside Xcode...
2008-04-12 Alexander BartonUpdated Xcode project file.
2008-04-09 Alexander BartonInclude Mac OS X Xcode project in distribution archives...