Update Xcode project for latest Xcode version (10.0)
[ngircd-alex.git] / contrib / Makefile.am
2017-12-28 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ngircd.logcheck: Add sample logcheck(8) rules
2013-02-15 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug153-ServerMask' into master
2013-02-11 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug155-allowAtInUser'
2013-02-10 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'systemd'
2013-02-04 Alexander BartonImplement support for systemd(8) "socket activation"
2012-11-10 Alexander BartonRemove Anope "ngircd" protocol module patches
2012-09-11 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #2 from briancollins/master
2012-09-11 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'xop' of https://github.com/kart0ffelsack...
2012-09-04 Alexander BartonFix contrib/Makefile.am to list all files in EXTRA_DIST
2012-08-18 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ngircd.service: systemd service file for ngircd systemd-service
2011-07-10 Alexander BartonAdd preliminary ngIRCd protocol module for Anope 1.9
2011-04-14 Alexander BartonMac OS X: update installer texts and add logo.
2009-11-07 Alexander BartonMerge commit 'cade80dcf516f40e7d53124bc98526e6e5b3fb66'
2009-11-07 Alexander BartonAdded missing contrib/platformtest.sh to distribution rel-15
2009-05-05 Alexander BartonAdded start/stop script for Red Hat based distributions
2009-05-05 Alexander BartonRenamed contrib/ngircd.sh to contrib/ngircd-bsd.sh
2008-11-13 Alexander BartonAdded some missing files of GIT tree to distribution...
2004-04-28 Alexander BartonAdded "README" and "systrace.policy" files.
2004-02-29 Alexander BartonAdded XCode project files (for Mac OS X) to "contrib...
2003-12-31 Alexander BartonRemoved outdated Mac OS X ProjectBuilder project files...
2002-10-01 Alexander Barton- neues Verzeichnis "contrib" angelegt.