Updated debian changelog.
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2006-08-02 Alexander BartonUpdated debian changelog.
2005-07-26 Alexander BartonUpdated Debian changelog from branch-0-9-x.
2005-02-07 Alexander BartonUpdated debian changelog file from branch-0-8-x ...
2004-07-15 Alexander BartonAdded missing commas to debian control file, fixes...
2004-05-11 Alexander BartonNew Debian version.
2004-04-25 Alexander BartonNew debian version including updates from CVS HEAD.
2004-04-09 Alexander BartonNew debian package.
2004-04-05 Alexander BartonNew debian package ;-)
2004-02-28 Alexander BartonNew Debian version.
2004-02-05 Alexander BartonIncluded updates of ngIRCd 0.7.7
2004-01-26 Alexander BartonNew debian version.
2004-01-01 Alexander BartonRestructured debian packaging system: now there are...
2003-12-31 Alexander BartonRemoved outdated Mac OS X ProjectBuilder project files...