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2015-09-06 Alexander BartonDocumentation: Spelling fixes
2015-08-01 Alexander BartonINSTALL: Add deprecation notice for "PredefChannelsOnly"
2015-08-01 Alexander Barton"NoticeAuth" configuration variable is deprecated now!
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonUpdate some copyright notices for 2015
2014-11-01 Alexander BartonMerge remote-tracking branch 'alex/TestsuiteNoDNS'
2014-10-26 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'CipherListNoSSL3'
2014-10-26 Alexander BartonINSTALL: List the changed SSL CipherList default value. CipherListNoSSL3
2014-09-04 Alexander BartonFix spelling and whitespaces in INSTALL
2014-01-02 Alexander BartonUpdate Copyright notices for 2014
2013-10-07 Alexander BartonINSTALL file: Update "Upgrade Information"
2013-09-17 Federico G. SchwindtChange cipher defaults
2013-01-02 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug145-ProvideHelp'
2013-01-01 Alexander BartonUpdate Copyright notices for 2013
2012-10-06 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug109-CHARCONV'
2012-09-26 Alexander BartonAllow user mode +x only when "CloakHostModeX" is set
2012-09-24 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'automake-am11-am12'
2012-09-24 Alexander BartonINSTALL: update GNU automake/autoconf requirements
2012-05-18 Alexander BartonINSTALL: Add "satisfy prerequisites" section
2012-01-03 Alexander BartonUpdate Copyright notices for 2012
2011-06-28 Alexander BartonFix some wording, use spellchecker ;-)
2011-06-26 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'MorePrivacy'
2011-06-26 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'ScrubCTCP'
2011-06-26 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'newconfig'
2011-06-25 Alexander BartonMove SSL-related configuration variables to new [SSL...
2011-06-25 Alexander BartonINSTALL: document changed location of configuration...
2011-03-23 Alexander BartonUpdate INSTALL text
2011-01-09 Alexander BartonRemove support for ZeroConf/Bonjour/Rendezvous service...
2011-01-09 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright notices for 2010 :)
2010-08-29 Alexander BartonFix linebreak in INSTALL text to fit in 80 columns
2010-08-12 Florian WestphalINSTALL: mention SSL and IPv6
2010-08-12 Florian WestphalINSTALL: mention changed handling of MotdFile.
2010-07-11 Alexander BartonDetect PAM libraries
2008-04-29 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'master' of git://git.breakpoint.cc/fw...
2008-04-24 Alexander BartonDocumentation: get rid of some more references to CVS...
2007-04-08 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation.
2006-12-28 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation, refer to all the supported IO...
2006-08-03 Alexander BartonSynchronized documentation with branch-0-10-x ...
2005-12-30 Alexander BartonAdded some documentation for --with-XXX options of...
2005-07-08 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation.
2005-02-10 Alexander BartonAdded a note about the change of the maximum password...
2004-09-03 Alexander BartonInformation about configuring ngIRCd.
2004-05-07 Alexander BartonNew "chroot" feature (from Benjamin Pineau), introducin...
2004-02-22 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation (-t switch).
2004-01-26 Alexander BartonUpdated some copyright notices to include the year...
2003-04-21 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation. rel-0-7-0-pre1
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2002-12-18 Alexander Barton- Updated documentation.
2002-09-16 Alexander Barton- Dokumentation aktualisiert.
2002-05-20 Alexander Barton- Dokumentation aktualisiert.
2002-05-08 Alexander Barton- Dokumentation aktualisiert.
2002-03-03 Alexander Barton- Dokumentation aktualisiert.
2002-03-02 Alexander Barton- INSTALL um Hinweise auf portab.h etc. ergaenzt. rel-0-3-0
2002-01-02 Alexander Barton- Copyright-Texte angepasst ;-)
2001-12-31 Alexander Barton- Dokumentation ergaenzt und verbessert.
2001-12-11 Alexander BartonInitial revision