Updated to latest strl{cat|cpy} code of rsync:
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2005-02-10 Alexander BartonAdded a note about the change of the maximum password...
2004-09-03 Alexander BartonInformation about configuring ngIRCd.
2004-05-07 Alexander BartonNew "chroot" feature (from Benjamin Pineau), introducin...
2004-02-22 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation (-t switch).
2004-01-26 Alexander BartonUpdated some copyright notices to include the year...
2003-04-21 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation. rel-0-7-0-pre1
2003-03-23 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation.
2003-03-10 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation.
2003-03-09 Alexander BartonFixed some spelling mistakes -- thanks to ispell ;-)
2003-03-08 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation.
2003-03-07 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation.
2003-03-04 Alexander BartonUpdated documentation.
2002-12-18 Alexander Barton- Updated documentation.
2002-09-16 Alexander Barton- Dokumentation aktualisiert.
2002-05-20 Alexander Barton- Dokumentation aktualisiert.
2002-05-08 Alexander Barton- Dokumentation aktualisiert.
2002-03-03 Alexander Barton- Dokumentation aktualisiert.
2002-03-02 Alexander Barton- INSTALL um Hinweise auf portab.h etc. ergaenzt. rel-0-3-0
2002-01-02 Alexander Barton- Copyright-Texte angepasst ;-)
2001-12-31 Alexander Barton- Dokumentation ergaenzt und verbessert.
2001-12-11 Alexander BartonInitial revision