2013-01-06 Alexander BartonSpelling fixes
2013-01-06 Alexander BartonWhitespace and exclamation mark fixes
2012-09-28 Frank LahmReset version to 3.0.1 after merge
2012-09-28 Frank LahmMerge branch 'develop'
2012-09-28 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/develop' into develop
2012-09-28 Frank Lahm3.0.1dev
2012-09-28 Frank LahmMerge branch 'release-3-0-1'
2012-09-28 Frank Lahm3.0.1 version and ABI
2012-09-26 HATapple_dump: small fix
2012-09-19 HATgentoo initscript from portage netatalk.init,v 1.1...
2012-09-14 Frank LahmImport from XML
2012-09-14 Frank LahmImport from XML
2012-08-31 Frank LahmReplace relevant direct seteuid() calls with calls...
2012-08-27 Frank Lahmlibevent configure args to pick up installed version
2012-08-27 Frank LahmRemove inet_aton from compatibility library
2012-08-24 HATapple_dump: small fix
2012-08-23 HATsmall fix of configure summary
2012-08-23 Frank LahmFix data corruption bug
2012-08-23 Frank LahmUpdate NEWS
2012-08-23 Frank LahmRestructure fork opening, fix adouble refcounting
2012-08-18 Frank LahmFix merge errors
2012-08-18 Frank LahmFix merge error
2012-08-17 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/product-2-2' into develop
2012-08-17 Frank LahmUpdate NEWS
2012-08-13 HATdiscarded macro HAVE_DB4_DB_H
2012-08-13 Frank Lahmsendfile on Solaris may return EINTR with bytes written...
2012-08-08 HAThandling of '/' and ':' in volume name
2012-08-02 HATBDB is not optional
2012-08-02 HATvolume name must not contain ":"
2012-08-02 HATTwisted loglevel and logtype
2012-08-02 Frank LahmFix regression introduced by 88436a544d0c87299a3417432b...
2012-08-01 Frank LahmFix subdirectory ordering
2012-07-28 Frank LahmRemove libevent from hardcoded SUBDIRS, it's added...
2012-07-27 Frank LahmReset signal handlers and alarm timer after successfull...
2012-07-25 Frank LahmUpdate libatalk ABI file
2012-07-25 Frank LahmNew LDAP option ldap uuid encoding, from Thomas Johnson...
2012-07-25 Thomas JohnsonLDAP: Support for Active Directory objectGUID
2012-07-25 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/develop' into develop
2012-07-25 Frank LahmConvert to more readable error checking
2012-07-24 improvement of visibility.
2012-07-18 Frank LahmChange loglevel and add a few debug log statements
2012-07-18 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/develop' into develop
2012-07-16 HATapple_dump: Extended Attributes AppleDouble support...
2012-07-14 Frank LahmUpdate news
2012-07-13 Frank LahmRemove AC_NETATALK_SMB_SHAREMODES from configure, it...
2012-07-13 Frank LahmBump lib version, some struct have changed
2012-07-13 Frank LahmMake all struct fields visible, don't hide them behind...
2012-07-13 Frank LahmFix config.h header protection
2012-07-09 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/master'
2012-07-09 Frank LahmMerge branch 'release-3.0'
2012-07-09 Frank LahmDisable tests wich need a writable volume
2012-07-09 Frank LahmAdd 3.0 ABI and Version info
2012-07-09 Frank LahmImport 3.0 libatalk ABI
2012-07-09 Frank LahmSet Version to 3.0
2012-07-09 Frank LahmMinor corrections
2012-07-09 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/develop' into develop
2012-07-09 Frank LahmImport manpages from XML
2012-07-04 HATthe return of the daemon
2012-07-02 HATapple_dump: standard input support
2012-07-02 Frank LahmFix CNID path for user homes
2012-07-01 HATapple_dump: small fix
2012-06-24 HATfix init-style message of configure script
2012-06-23 Frank LahmSet PAM_RUSER, some PAM module may need it (looking...
2012-06-23 Frank LahmMerge 2-2
2012-06-23 Frank LahmUpdate NEWS
2012-06-20 Frank LahmFix signal blocking, pthread_sigmask was called before...
2012-06-18 Frank LahmBlock SIGTERM when calling pam_close_session
2012-06-14 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/develop' into develop
2012-06-14 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/develop'
2012-06-11 HATfix --enable-fhs
2012-06-11 HATsorry. revert...
2012-06-11 HATfix --enable-fhs
2012-06-07 HATreindent
2012-06-07 HATapple_dump: small fixes.
2012-06-06 HATremove global option "icon"
2012-06-05 HATread only mode if cnid scheme is last
2012-06-04 HATapple_dump: must quote meta chars, suggested by Oichinokata
2012-06-04 Frank LahmUser compiler flags were not used in GSSAPI check
2012-06-02 Frank LahmMerge branch 'develop' of into...
2012-06-02 Frank Lahmad_setattr() declaration didn't match definition
2012-06-01 Frank LahmAdd mdns as optional dependency to Netatalk SMF manifest
2012-06-01 Frank LahmSet version back to 3.0dev
2012-06-01 Frank LahmMerge branch 'release-3.0beta2'
2012-06-01 Frank LahmUpdate version history and VERSION_INFO description
2012-06-01 Frank LahmAdd ABI files to dist
2012-06-01 Frank LahmAdd 3.0beta2 ABI file
2012-06-01 Frank LahmRemove check-local, create ABI file if not present
2012-06-01 Frank Lahm3.0beta2
2012-05-31 HATupdate NEWS
2012-05-31 Frank LahmSet Solaris SMF create_default_instance key to false
2012-05-31 HATsolaris init is SMF, not sysv
2012-05-31 Frank LahmBump version and update ABI file
2012-05-31 Frank LahmRemove addresses from symbols
2012-05-31 Frank LahmMerge branch 'develop' into abi
2012-05-31 Frank LahmRemove addresses from symbols
2012-05-31 Frank LahmHide namecache and uuidcache
2012-05-31 Frank LahmAdd function to set charset_name so we can make the...
2012-05-31 Frank LahmAdd configure option --enable-developer which hides...
2012-05-30 Frank LahmUpdate ABI file and bump revision
2012-05-30 Frank LahmMerge branch 'develop' of into...