Writing metadata xattr on directories with sticky bit set, FR#94
[netatalk.git] / macros / gssapi-check.m4
2012-08-17 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/product-2-2' into develop
2012-06-23 Frank LahmMerge 2-2
2012-06-14 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/develop' into develop
2012-06-04 Frank LahmUser compiler flags were not used in GSSAPI check
2012-05-22 Frank LahmFix typo
2012-05-21 Frank LahmMerge 2-2
2012-05-15 Frank LahmMerge product-2-2
2012-05-05 Frank LahmMerge 2-2
2012-04-26 Frank LahmMerge 2-2
2012-04-13 Frank LahmMissing quotes
2012-04-11 Frank LahmMerge branch 'develop' into ad_set
2012-04-05 Frank LahmFix
2012-04-05 Frank LahmHopefully fix GSSAPI macro once and for all
2012-04-04 Frank LahmBackport GSSAPI detectino fix for Solaris from 3.0
2012-04-03 Frank LahmFix and cleanup compiler flags
2012-03-30 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'origin/product-2-2' into develop
2012-03-28 Frank LahmMerge branch-allea
2012-03-27 Frank LahmMerge master
2012-03-17 Frank LahmMerge master
2012-03-13 Frank LahmNot all krb5-config support gssapi libs output
2012-03-07 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'netafp/master' into branch-allea
2012-03-07 Frank LahmMerge master
2012-01-11 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into branch-allea
2012-01-03 Frank LahmMerge master
2011-12-27 Frank LahmMerge master
2011-12-02 Frank LahmMerge master
2011-11-28 Frank LahmMerge master
2011-11-04 Frank LahmUse env LIBS when checking for GSSAPI stuff
2011-08-31 Frank LahmMerge master
2011-08-19 Frank LahmDont clobber env FLAGS
2010-06-03 Frank LahmMerge from branch-2-1
2010-06-03 Frank LahmKerb lib on opensolaris is libgss
2005-04-28 bfernhomberg- merge branch-netatalk-afp-3x-dev, HEAD was tagged...
2003-12-15 srittauRemove checks for individual libraries (probably legacy...
2003-09-03 samnobleSome updates for the Kerberos 5 UAM. We now use an...