Writing metadata xattr on directories with sticky bit set, FR#94
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2014-07-10 Ralph BoehmeWriting metadata xattr on directories with sticky bit...
2014-07-03 Ralph BoehmeRelease: version 3.1.3
2014-06-25 Ralph BoehmeAdd advanced option "chmod request" controlling ACLs
2014-06-05 HATfix typo
2014-06-04 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: new options for controlling query behaviour
2014-06-03 Ralph BoehmePrepare 3.1.2 releas
2014-05-22 Ralph BoehmeNew options that control whether dbus and Tracker are...
2014-05-20 Ralph BoehmeSupport for using $u username variable in AFP volume...
2014-03-17 Ralph BoehmeOption "vol dbpath" was broken in 3.1.1
2014-03-13 Ralph BoehmeUpdate release notes
2014-02-09 HATveto files: syntax clarification
2014-01-27 HATupdate manpage of afp.conf
2013-10-28 Ralph BoehmeUpdate version and release notes for 3.1.0 release
2013-10-28 Frank LahmMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2013-10-25 Ralph BoehmeMerge branch 'branch-netatalk-3-0' into release-3.0.6
2013-10-25 Ralph BoehmeUpdate release notes for 3.0.6
2013-10-25 Frank LahmMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2013-10-23 Ralph BoehmeAdd MySQL CNID backend to the manual
2013-10-23 Ralph BoehmeAdd MySQL CNID backend options to the manpage
2013-10-23 Ralph BoehmeAdd recvfile support with splice() on Linux
2013-10-22 Ralph BoehmeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2013-10-14 Ralph BoehmeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2013-10-09 Ralph BoehmeAdd warning about folllow symlinks and crossing filesystems
2013-09-17 Ralph BoehmeOption "vol dbnest"
2013-09-16 Ralph BoehmeUpload folder is 3.1
2013-09-16 Ralph BoehmePrepare 3.1-beta2 release, update manpages
2013-09-15 Ralph BoehmeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2013-09-15 Ralph BoehmeMove Spotlight UNIX domain socket to /netatalk/
2013-09-13 HATExplanation of "veto message" is wrong.
2013-09-12 Ralph BoehmeActive Directory LDAP queries for ACL support
2013-09-06 HATDSI_SERVQUANT_DEF is 1048576 now
2013-08-14 Ralph BoehmePrepare 3.0.5 release
2013-08-13 Ralph BoehmeUpdate neccessary environment for Tracker
2013-08-09 Ralph BoehmeNew boolean volume option "delete veto files"
2013-08-07 Ralph BoehmeUpdate releasenotes for 3.1-beta1
2013-08-07 Ralph BoehmeDoc fixes, remove remaining RDF cruft
2013-08-04 Ralph BoehmeRewrite Spotlight documentation, remove references...
2013-08-02 Ralph BoehmeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2013-07-30 Ralph BoehmeSend optional AFP messages for vetoed files
2013-07-29 Ralph BoehmeMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/branch-netatalk...
2013-07-29 slowfranklinMerge pull request #2 from hat001/doc-fix
2013-07-29 HATupdate doc
2013-07-23 Ralph BoehmeFix parsing of address[:port] strings for IPv6 addresse...
2013-07-16 Ralph BoehmeNew global/volume option "ignored attributes"
2013-07-09 Ralph BoehmeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2013-07-09 Ralph BoehmeZFS doc fixes
2013-07-04 Ralph BoehmeOpenCSW link was still pointing to Blastwave
2013-07-01 Ralph BoehmeUpdate version from 3.0 to 3.1 in some places
2013-07-01 Ralph BoehmeAdd links
2013-07-01 Ralph BoehmeUpdate release notes for 3.1-alpha1
2013-07-01 Ralph BoehmeAdjust www manual path
2013-06-23 Ralph BoehmeRename all iniparser API function
2013-05-27 Ralph BoehmeMerge branch 'branch-netatalk-3-0' of netafp.com:git...
2013-05-24 Ralph BoehmeFix suffix rule
2013-05-24 Ralph BoehmeAdjust for moved netatalk.html file
2013-05-24 Ralph BoehmeAdd html manual generation
2013-05-24 Ralph Boehme3.0.4 release notes
2013-06-28 Ralph BoehmeUpdate cmdline usage for tracker tools
2013-06-28 Ralph BoehmeSome documentation updates
2013-06-21 Ralph BoehmeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2013-06-18 Ralph BoehmeSmarter spotlight option
2013-06-04 Ralph BoehmeAdd Spotlight documentation to manual
2013-06-04 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight option
2013-05-24 Ralph BoehmeMerge branch 'branch-netatalk-3-0' into develop
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeNew option "afp interfaces"
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeAdd documentation to DEVELOPER and add a summary line
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeAdd XML files to distribution
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeFinish renaming
2013-05-13 Ralph BoehmeTry to move substitution to configure stage
2013-05-13 Ralph BoehmeAdd Docbook documentation to tree
2012-08-17 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/product-2-2' into develop
2012-08-02 HATBDB is not optional
2012-06-23 Frank LahmMerge 2-2
2012-05-22 HATSAYONARA AppleTalk
2012-05-22 Frank LahmFix typo
2012-05-21 Frank LahmMerge 2-2
2012-05-15 Frank LahmMerge product-2-2
2012-05-05 Frank LahmMerge 2-2
2012-04-26 Frank LahmMerge 2-2
2012-04-16 Frank LahmMove CNID README to doc/DEV
2012-03-30 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'origin/product-2-2' into develop
2012-03-28 Frank LahmMerge branch-allea
2012-03-27 Frank LahmMerge master
2012-03-17 Frank LahmMerge master
2012-03-08 Frank LahmChanges to the iniparser lib
2012-03-07 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'netafp/master' into branch-allea
2012-03-07 Frank LahmMerge master
2012-03-02 Frank LahmAdd some description about the iniparser
2011-07-14 HATMachineType string is up to 16 characters
2011-06-06 Frank LahmMerge branch-2-1
2011-06-04 HATMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/branch...
2011-06-04 Frank LahmMerge branch-2-1
2011-05-24 Frank LahmFix fce merge conflict
2011-04-21 Frank LahmMerge 2-1
2011-04-20 Frank LahmMerge 2-1
2011-04-20 Frank LahmMerge 2-1
2011-04-20 Frank LahmMerge 2-1
2011-04-19 Frank LahmMerge 2-1