Disks.tst: Only check read-write volumes
[nagcollect.git] / client / lib / tests / Disks.tst
2011-02-03 Alexander BartonDisks.tst: Only check read-write volumes
2011-02-03 Alexander BartonDisks.tst: don't gather information for unused variables
2010-02-05 Alexander BartonDisk Usage: check for percentage and value; better...
2010-02-05 Alexander BartonNew "Disks" test that checks the free space of filesystems
2010-02-05 Alexander BartonMigrated Disks.tst (I/O errors) to Darwin/Disks.tst
2010-01-11 Alexander BartonMore specific test for I/O errors on Mac OS X
2009-12-16 Alexander BartonOnly test for I/O errors since last system boot
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonDon't get irritated by our own log messages
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonNew "Disks" test to check for I/O errors on for Mac...