get: adjust for python 3 and test there
[bup.git] / lib / bup /
2020-02-02 Rob Browningget: adjust for python 3 and test there
2020-02-02 Rob Browningfuse: adjust for python 3 and test there
2020-02-02 Rob Browningftp: accommodate python 3 and test there
2020-01-20 Rob Browninghelpers: accommodate python 3 and enable tests
2020-01-19 Rob BrowningAdd compat.reraise to handle python 3 syntax breakage
2020-01-11 Rob BrowningOnly change LC_CTYPE for bup-python itself, not sh...
2020-01-11 Rob Browningcompat.hexstr: add and use
2020-01-11 Rob Browningprune-older: paper over python 3's integer type changes
2019-12-22 Rob BrowningFix tindex for python 3
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningRequire LC_CTYPE to be iso-8859-1 for Python 3
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningPrevent Python 3 from interfering with argv bytes
2019-11-30 Rob Browningjoin_bytes: pass the join() args correctly for py3
2019-11-29 Rob Browninghashsplit: join buffers more efficiently
2019-10-13 Rob BrowningFix hashsplit for python 3; add compat.buffer
2019-10-13 Rob Browningvint: fix bytes for Python 3
2019-10-05 Rob BrowningRename chain_ex to add_ex_ctx to reflect upstream termi...
2019-03-03 Rob Browningrepo: add VFS resolve(); test resolve() via local and...
2018-03-31 Rob Browningcompat: add range and use it in the vfs
2018-01-27 Rob BrowningUse absolute_import from the __future__ everywhere
2018-01-27 Rob BrowningAdd compat.items() and use it
2017-12-31 Rob BrowningCODINGSTYLE: add python exception handling guidelines
2017-12-31 Rob Browningchain_ex: don't opportunistically add tracebacks to...
2017-12-31 Rob Browningadd_ex_tb: return the exception
2017-09-24 Rob Browningrev_list: allow multiple refs
2017-05-20 Rob BrowningSupport exception chaining and tracebacks