descriptionAlex' Modular ZSH Configuration
ownerAlexander Barton
last changeSun, 8 Dec 2019 19:35:09 +0000 (20:35 +0100)
6 days ago Alexander Bartondocker-machine: Use and test for "default" machine master
2019-11-30 Alexander Bartonpdfman: Use completions for "man"
2019-11-30 Alexander Barton50_completion: Enhance completion styles
2019-11-02 Alexander Barton50_completion: Don't set complete_aliases
2019-11-02 Alexander Barton50_completion: Enable group descriptions
2019-11-02 Alexander Bartonbash_completion: Define dummy function to suppress...
2019-11-02 Alexander Barton30_env: Test for and create missing directories
2019-11-02 Alexander BartonAdd new "bash_completion" plugin
2019-11-02 Alexander BartonRemove most "nocorrect" settings
2019-09-05 Alexander Bartonssh: Look for SSH "auth socket" in common locations
2019-08-21 Alexander Barton11_terminal: "putty*" is a modern terminal
2019-08-01 Alexander Barton11_terminal: Set "icon/tab title", not the "window...
2019-06-25 Alexander Bartonless: Disable "useful" hints of lesspipe(1)
2019-05-28 Alexander Bartonssh_secure: "Nicer" quoting, add completion aliases
2019-05-28 Alexander Bartonremind: Don't show error message when there is no ...
2019-05-12 Alexander BartonFix some warnings of "markdownlint"
6 days ago master