45 hours ago Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot[-rootfs]: Clean up, use findmnt(8) master
45 hours ago Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot[-rootfs]: Fix shellcheck(1) warnings
2014-12-26 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: Allow much more characters in subvolu...
2014-12-26 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: Create read-only snapshots
2014-12-26 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: Enhance detection of btrfs filesystem...
2014-12-26 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: Don't exit bash on errors
2014-08-24 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: sort output
2014-05-28 Alexander BartonAdd very simple README file ;)
2014-05-28 Alexander BartonRemove "bup-save-user", it now lives in the "ax-unix...
2014-05-15 Alexander Bartonmksnapshot: Only try to install into /etc/apt/apt.conf...
2014-05-15 Alexander BartonMakefiles: correctly respect "PREFIX" variable
2014-05-05 Alexander BartonAdd "AUTHORS" file.
2014-05-05 Alexander BartonUpdate "" to current ax-make version
2014-05-02 Alexander Don't require a "all" target in "Makefile...
2014-05-01 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot-rootfs: fix typo in error message
2014-04-26 Alexander Bartonbup-save-user: Really exclude ".cache" directories ...
2014-04-25 Alexander Bartonbup-save-user: save "LOCAL_HOME" folder, too
2014-04-25 Alexander Bartonbup-save-user: use "LOGNAME" instead of "USER"
2014-04-25 Alexander BartonMakefiles: correctly call local clean targets
2014-04-25 Alexander BartonGenerate 06btrfs-mksnapshot and respect PREFIX
2014-04-25 Alexander BartonAdd btrfs-mksnapshot-rootfs script
2014-04-19 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: Use "@" as snapshot ID (date) delimiter
2014-04-19 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: Correctly detect volume "base name"
2014-04-12 Alexander BartonAdd bup-save-user script
2014-04-12 Alexander BartonAdd lvm-pvclear script
2014-01-04 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: Only use first component of volume
2013-12-31 Alexander BartonMake USER configurable on make command line
2013-10-01 Alexander BartonMake PREFIX, GROUP, and AX_SILENT configurable on make...
2013-09-30 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: detect default subvolume on "/"
2013-09-04 Alexander BartonAdd Makefile's
2013-09-03 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: Fix year of copyright notice
2013-08-30 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: allow unquoted LABEL in /etc/fstab
2013-08-29 Alexander Bartonbtrfs-mksnapshot: add apt configuration snippet
2013-08-29 Alexander BartonInitial commit with btrfs-mksnapshot