2019-03-18 Alexander BartonUse integer comparision when dealing with "ansible_dist...
2019-02-07 Alexander BartonStreamline tag usage, make sure "apt" is set on every...
2019-01-28 Alexander Bartonnodejs: Don't try to install "npm", its included in...
2018-11-06 Alexander Bartonautofs: Make mount options for /net configurable
2018-10-18 Alexander BartonUpdate "apt" tasks to use lists
2018-10-16 Alexander BartonCorrectly cast variables to integers in Jinja templates
2018-07-20 Alexander Bartonnet-base: Don't set the host name inside of LXC containers
2018-07-13 Alexander Bartonapache2-php7: Install "php-pgsql" by default
2018-05-22 Alexander Bartonlvm-mv: Remove bogus references to MySQL ...
2018-04-23 Alexander Bartonnodejs: "nodejs_version" is a number, don't quote it
2018-04-23 Alexander BartonApt module: Update "state=installed" to "state=present"
2018-03-16 Alexander BartonNew "nodejs" role
2018-03-02 Alexander BartonNew "kexec" role
2018-02-27 Alexander Bartonpostgresql-server: Make sure service is enabled and...
2018-02-27 Alexander Bartonlvm-lv: Fix role, make it usable by adding "lvm_lv_moun...
2018-02-19 Alexander Bartonpostgresql-server: Optionally create own LVM LV and...
2018-02-19 Alexander BartonNew "lvm-lv" role
2018-02-19 Alexander Bartoncheck-mk-agent: Only install "check-mk-agent-logwatch...
2018-02-19 Alexander Bartonapt-base: Don't list "APT update" as "changed", even...
2018-01-26 Alexander Bartonpostfix: Correct order of tasks, modify files after... github/master
2018-01-26 Alexander Bartondebian-base: Don't install a Linux kernel into OpenVZ...
2018-01-19 Alexander Bartonpiwik: Set PHP memory_limit and max_execution_time
2018-01-18 Alexander Bartonpostfix: Make sure that Debconf and are in...
2018-01-18 Alexander Bartoncheck-mk-agent: Install "check-mk-agent-logwatch" on...
2017-12-01 Alexander Bartonapache2: Get rid of "apache2-mpm-prefork" package
2017-12-01 Alexander Bartonpostfix: Fix type of Debconf option "postfix/protocols"
2017-10-25 Alexander Bartonpiwik: Remove, to make Piwik self-check...
2017-10-23 Alexander BartonNew "apache2-php7" role
2017-10-12 Alexander Bartonnfs-client: Make role compatible with newer Debian...
2017-10-12 Alexander Bartonos-base: Use "systemd" module instead of generic "command"
2017-10-12 Alexander Bartonapache2: Add 'reload "apache2" (graceful)' handler
2017-08-17 Alexander Bartonpostfix: Let debconf regenerate on changes
2017-08-17 Alexander Bartonsshd: Update for Debian 9 "stretch"
2017-05-19 Alexander BartonNew "piwik" role
2017-05-18 Alexander Bartonapache2: Add "apache" tag to 'restart "apache2"' handler
2017-05-18 Alexander BartonUpdate documentation
2017-05-17 Alexander Bartonpostfix: Configure a satellite system and use debconf
2017-05-09 Alexander Bartondocker-engine: Setup Docker to not stop containers...
2017-05-09 Alexander Bartondocker-engine: Add handler to reload Docker
2017-05-09 Alexander Bartondocker-engine: Add handler to restart Docker
2017-05-09 Alexander Bartonpostfix: Don't use Debconf to configure postfix
2017-05-03 Alexander Bartonansible-lint: Fix "Package installs should not use...
2017-05-03 Alexander Bartonansible-lint: Fix "Git checkouts must contain explicit...
2017-05-03 Alexander Bartonansible-lint: Fix "Use shell only when shell functional...
2017-05-03 Alexander Bartonansible-lint: Fix "Octal file permissions must contain...
2017-04-25 Alexander Bartonapache2-php5: Fix check if "php5-apcu" package is available
2017-04-25 Alexander BartonUse "service: state=started" instead of "running"
2017-04-06 Alexander Bartonlinux-zfs: Remove now unused "ZFS on Linux" assets
2017-04-06 Alexander Bartonlinux-zfs: Use Debian-native ZFS packages
2017-04-06 Alexander Bartonapache2-php5: Don't try to install php5-apcu by default
2017-04-05 Alexander Bartonapache2-php5: Fix name of "php-apc" package
2017-04-05 Alexander BartonAlways run "check tasks" to register variables, even...
2017-04-05 Alexander BartonNew "postgresql-server" role
2017-04-05 Alexander Bartonmysql-server: Add common handlers
2017-03-14 Alexander Bartonapach2-php5: Make role aware of "php5-apcu" package
2016-07-27 Alexander Bartonsshd: New handler 'restart "sshd"'
2016-07-05 Alexander Bartonlinux-zfs: Make start time of "scrub" job configurable
2016-06-17 Alexander BartonNew "systemd" role
2016-06-01 Alexander BartonNew "apache2" role
2016-06-01 Alexander Bartonapach2-php5: Correctly enable "apache2" (not "autofs"!)
2016-05-19 Alexander Bartonntpd: Make list of NTP servers configurable
2016-04-14 Alexander Bartonlinux-zfs: Install required "build-essential" package
2016-04-14 Alexander Bartongit-backup-script: Make sure "make" is installed, which...
2016-02-26 Alexander Bartonmysql-server: Add "mysqld" tag
2016-02-18 Alexander Bartonapt-base: Don't install recommended packages by default
2016-02-08 Alexander Bartonmysql-server: Only remove root@localhost when not active
2015-12-17 Alexander Bartoncheck-mk-agent: Correctly name "Check_MK" :-)
2015-12-17 Alexander Bartoncheck-mk-agent: Configure xinetd(8) on Debian <8 hosts
2015-12-17 Alexander Bartoncheck-mk-agent: Fix detection of non-systemd-enabled...
2015-12-17 Alexander BartonNew "xinetd" role
2015-12-17 Alexander Bartoncheck-mk-agent: Add missing "check_mk" tags
2015-11-25 Alexander Bartoncheck-mk-agent: Depend on "nagios-plugins-basic"
2015-11-25 Alexander BartonNew "check-mk-agent" role
2015-11-25 Alexander Bartonos-base: Implement "reload systemd daemon" handler
2015-11-19 Alexander Bartondebian-base: Don't install "busybox-static" on Proxmox...
2015-11-19 Alexander Bartondebian-base: Don't install kernel package von Proxmox...
2015-11-11 Alexander Barton"sshd": Add support for Ubuntu
2015-11-11 Alexander Barton"debian-base": Support Linux kernel for amd64 and i386...
2015-11-11 Alexander BartonSplit off "apt-base" from "debian-base"; introduce...
2015-11-10 Alexander Bartonlinux-zfs: Add pool information to
2015-10-20 Alexander Bartonsshd: Support more operating systems
2015-10-20 Alexander Bartonnet-base: Setting the hostname on OpenBSD is not supported
2015-10-20 Alexander BartonUse "group=0" instead of "group=root", which is more...
2015-10-20 Alexander BartonImplement generic "os-base" role
2015-10-20 Alexander Bartonpostfix: Add "postfix_mailname" variable
2015-10-14 Alexander Bartonlinux-zfs: Add host information to output
2015-10-14 Alexander Bartonlinux-zfs: Fix permissions of script
2015-10-13 Alexander BartonNew "linux-bfs" role
2015-10-12 Alexander Bartongit-backup-script: Make Git URL configurable
2015-09-22 Alexander BartonAdd "docker-engine" role
2015-09-22 Alexander Bartondebian-base: Add "update APT repositories" handler
2015-01-29 Alexander Bartonansible-base: Ignore "ansible_*" tasks in logcheck
2015-01-21 Alexander BartonAdd "zabbix-agent" role
2015-01-20 Alexander Bartonlogcheck task: reword title, use "rule" instead of...
2014-12-18 Alexander BartonRename roles/ntpd/templates/ntp.conf template to "ntp...
2014-12-18 Alexander BartonInitial import