lvm-lv: Fix role, make it usable by adding "lvm_lv_mountpoint"
[AnsibleRoles.git] / roles / mysql-server / tasks / main.yml
2018-02-27 Alexander Bartonlvm-lv: Fix role, make it usable by adding "lvm_lv_moun...
2018-02-19 Alexander BartonNew "lvm-lv" role
2017-05-03 Alexander Bartonansible-lint: Fix "Use shell only when shell functional...
2017-04-25 Alexander BartonUse "service: state=started" instead of "running"
2017-04-05 Alexander BartonAlways run "check tasks" to register variables, even...
2016-02-26 Alexander Bartonmysql-server: Add "mysqld" tag
2016-02-08 Alexander Bartonmysql-server: Only remove root@localhost when not active
2014-12-18 Alexander BartonInitial import